1. Difference Between Soft and Hard Credit Pulls

    The Difference Between Hard and Soft Credit Inquiries If you’ve received credit offer after offer in which you’re “pre-approved” for a certain product, you may wonder how the lender made their decision. The insurance/credit card/mortgage company likely made a “soft” credit inquiry into your report without your permission, allowing them a glimpse of your credit.…Read More

  2. Boost and Build Your Credit

    Credit scores are made up of so many different factors.  Did you know that new credit helps increase your credit score.  Credit repair is great but you also need to be adding good Tradelines in order for your score to increase.  Sign up with this guarenteed acceptance secured card to boost your credit score.  https://www.creditbuildercard.com/totalcreditrelief.html To…Read More

  3. Uses of a Credit Score

    There’s this little, practically invisible, three-digit number that dictates so much of our financial life (and life overall), yet we very rarely consider it on a day-to-day basis. Alternatively, this three-digit number is sometimes the only thing we think about if we know it’s having a negative impact on our life. For better or worse, our credit scores and credit repo…Read More